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From market gardens, to CSAs, distribution hubs to mixed farms, local food systems across the UK are restoring agricultural land, reducing waste, strengthening communities and boosting local economies. They have the potential to address food poverty and ill health on a wide scale, which is really important in a post covid world. ((But without greater share of the market, local food cannot make the impact it has the potential to make.))

Our Vocal for Local report reveals the market failures of the UK supermarket supply system and outlines how the benefits of local food systems address these pressing issues in six key areas: Economy, Environment, Waste, Food Justice, Health and Culture. The report shows how redistributing market share more fairly between supermarkets and decentralised food systems has the potential to restore agricultural land and strengthen communities, while making healthy, local food accessible to all.

This report is a celebration of the resilience and diversity of our incredible local food system.

Please email your MP to ask them to support local food systems in your area. 

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