Write to your MP and ask them to support a transition to deforestation-free animal feeds

Write to your MP and ask them to support a transition away from soy-based animal feed

Rising global demand for soy is contributing to widespread deforestation in the Global South, and the majority of this demand is coming from the animal feed industry – mainly for feeding pig and poultry. Each year the UK imports around 3 million tonnes of soy for animal feed, and WWF estimate that the land required to grow this soy amounts to around 1.7 million hectares – an area nearly the size of Wales.

Almost all of this soy is grown in South America – either from the Amazon, or from other biodiverse regions which, as a result of increased soy production and other land-hungry industries, continue to be vulnerable to high rates of deforestation.

There is an urgent need to transition away from an industrial pig and and poultry farming model which is driving land-use change overseas, to a system where more ethically produced meat can be produced on a smaller and more localised scale.

On June 19th we are hosting a parliamentary event in Westminster to launch or forthcoming report 'Soy No More: Breaking Away From Soy in UK Pig and Poultry Farming' and we want to encourage as many MPs as possible to attend and engage with our agroecological animal feeds campaign as it progresses. 

Help us to promote this important campaign by inviting your MP to the event on June 19th. 

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