Ask your potential future MSPs to support agroecology

Ask the Scottish Parliament candidates to pledge their support for agroecology!

On the 6th of May 2021, people living in Scotland will vote to elect their 129 members of Scottish Parliament. Anyone who is eligible and registered to vote can choose who they want to represent them at the Scottish Parliament. The upcoming election will be the sixth election since the Scottish Parliament was re-established in 1999.

The next term of the Scottish Parliament will be crucial for the future of Scotland’s system for agriculture, food and land use. Big decisions will have to be made with regard to future, post-Brexit regulations on farm support and rural development schemes (including agri-environmental schemes). Other important topics that could be on the agenda of a new Scottish Parliament 2021-2026 are a Good Food Nation Bill, a new Organic Action Plan for Scotland and a new Human Rights Framework. 

Now, maybe more than ever, your involvement is crucial to make sure that the new Scottish Parliament and Government will work for our members and enact laws and policies that support agroecological farmers, growers, crofters and foresters.

We are asking the candidates for the upcoming elections, to pledge their support for agroecological farmers, growers, crofters and foresters. Please help us by emailing the candidates in your area using our template letter which you can complete on the next page.

An example letter can also be found here.

If you would like someone from the Landworkers Alliance to join you in a meeting with your future MSP, let us know by emailing