Email your MP about the Right to Food

Email your MP about the Right to Food

The Right To Food movement seeks to incorporate and enshrine people’s Right to feed themselves in dignity into law. People’s spending capacity needs to be able to cover the cost of living (renting, cost of travel, fuel etc) while still being able to afford and access, fresh, nutritious, culturally appropriate food.

Enshrining the Right to Food in domestic law would provide the legal basis to address all aspects of our food chain - from farm to fork - and this includes improving the social protection of those people working in food production, particularly precarious, seasonal and undeclared workers. By valuing our food as a fundamental Right we will show that we value those that work to put food on our plates, and honour their contribution to society. We can value their contribution by improving their social protection, working and housing conditions and health and safety at work, as well as ensuring workers receive a living wage. 

Food banks do not allow people to have dignity that the Right to Food requires. While food banks are a temporary emergency response in the here and now they should not be entrenched as the solution to food insecurity. Much of the food that is donated to food banks is highly processed, unhealthy food from the industrial food system while lack of options, as well as other barriers, prevents people having the dignity of choice. Many food banks receive ‘donations’ in the form of food surplus or non-purchased food from large supermarkets. What is deemed unfit for consumption by one demographic should not be offered as a solution to the hunger and food insecurity of another.

Please email your MP to ask them to support the Right to Food and urge them to support the early day motion put forward by MP Ian Byrne, Liverpool West Derby. We have put together a template letter but please amend and personalise if you have the time. 

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