Write to party leaders about food and farming ahead of the General Election

It's time politicians and party leaders got serious about food and farming.

For too long farmers and food producers have been undervalued by government and exploited by supermarkets, food has been treated as a cheap commodity instead of a basic human right, and nature has been degraded for the sake of high yields and even higher profits. Now, for the sake of our planet, our health and our communities we need to transition to a greener, fairer and more resilient food system. 

Use this letter-writing action to urge party leaders and key politicians to commit to policies in their General Election campaign that will defend British farmers and growers, enable a just transition to more sustainable farming practices, and support a new generation of farmers and food producers onto the land. 

Please be sure to read the letter and make sure it is relevant to your identity, work and values before clicking send. It is always more effective to personalise the letter if you have time, though we do ask that you please keep the three bulletpoint LWA policy asks as they are. 

NB: Because farming and environmental policy are devolved issues in the UK, the next government that gets elected in the upcoming General Election will only be responsible for farming and environmental policy in England. For more information on farming policy, devolution and the 2024 General Election please refer to our LWA Guide to the General Election


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