Write to your MS and ask them to take a stand against the proliferation of factory chicken farms in Wales

Write to your MS to raise the issue of intensive chicken farms in Wales

An unprecedented growth in the number of factory chicken farms or 'Intensive Poultry Units' (IPUs) in Wales has become a serious concern for local communities, environmental campaigners and those advocating for agroecological farming systems and food sovereignty. These IPUs are devastating Welsh rivers whilst imported GM soya feed is decimating forests, biodiversity and local communities in South America and elsewhere.

In Powys alone, there are an estimated 8.5 million chickens - the equivalent to 64 birds for every person – the majority of which are being reared in 100 large-scale farms each housing over 40,000 chickens at any one time. 

IPUs are an example of the type of industrial farming model which is polluting local soils and waters, creating division within local communities, driving environmental destruction overseas and contributing to global warming, not to mention violating the welfare of animals. They have no place in the future of our food and farming systems, and it's time Welsh Government took action.

Despite their declaration of a Climate Emergency, and introducing legislation such as the Wellbeing of Future Generations and the Environment Wales Act, the proliferation of IPUs in Wales is a clear sign that Welsh Government policy is still moving in the wrong direction when it comes to our food and farming systems. 

The Landworkers' Alliance are urging members and all those who are invested in seeing an agroecological transition in Wales to write to their Senedd Members (MSs) and raise concerns over the proliferation of factory farms in Wales. For the sake of our rivers and soils, our climate, our communities and the welfare of the animals in our food system.

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